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I would love you to think for a minute & close your eyes too…

Can you imagine if everyone in the world took one day to focus on becoming more intentional with their behavior, their reactions and committed to staying calm?


What if everyone started thinking before they react; instead of responding emotionally without taking the time to think out the appropriate response to a situation?


How many times have you yelled at your children and then regretted that you responded that way? How many times have you felt like a bad parent for losing your patience with your child?


How many times have you wished you hadn't spoken to a friend or co-worker in an aggressive way without thinking first?

How do you feel when someone speaks disrespectfully to you?


How many times do you wish you simply had more patience, with… oh… everything?


Celia Kibler, Author and Family Empowerment Coach, Founder of Pumped Up Parenting and Co-Founder of Funfit® Family Fitness is now on a personal mission to stop 1,000,000 parents from yelling at their kids. With tensions and stress rising over the past years of this pandemic, and generations over history yelling and flogging children, Celia realized that it wasn’t just parents that needed to stop yelling, we all do. The aggression and worthlessness that so many deal with, comes from generations of aggressive, abusive parenting. It is necessary for everyone to stop all the yelling and aggressive behaviors associated with their relationships (personal or business) and start becoming pro-active in their responses to life instead of emotionally reactive. People need to start taking personal responsibility for their actions, but for many they don't know where to start. So let's begin by being intentional for just one day. So much more would get accomplished in this world if everyone would concentrate on communicating calmly and peacefully, without judgement and criticism, instead of being more concerned with whether they're right or who gets in the final word.


Think for a moment… Can you imagine if everyone thought before they reacted to a situation, what would that result look like? I will tell you, more people would learn how to regulate their own emotions. If we could start understanding situations, start thinking about what the reality of the situation is, and create a productive response; we could affect each person that we get involved with, with a much more positive outlook on what is really going on. Actually giving each person an opportunity to not just talk, but be listened to, heard and even understood.


The beauty of it all is that, when you react calmly to a situation, you give the other person (be it your child, friend, family or co-worker) permission to respond in a gentler, calmer manner. Calm always creates more calm, and yes, it starts with just one person.


If we all intentionally stay calm for just one day, we honestly believe we CAN change the atmosphere of the world. In one day, each person can experience what an incredible feeling it is to enjoy a day with more peace, more cooperation, more kindness, more smiles and hopefully make a conscious decision to continue this calm into the next day and the next day and the next.


Together, we CAN make an impact, we WILL help people realize that becoming calmer, more peaceful and more relaxed, WILL result in so many rewards including happiness, relaxation, reduced stress, increased positivity and an overall enjoyment of your world. We can overturn the generations of dysfunction and abuse, by deciding that this stops with me! And what better day to decide to stop, then on the International Day of Calm.


Are you ready to join us? You can do this! Take the promise.


Tell everyone “I’m Calm Too!” and wear your badge of honor proudly #ImCalm2!!!


Let me tell you about my Dad. You see, he was the "yeller" in our family. Although he was physically and mentally abused as a child, he was able to withhold the physical abuse, but was unable to withhold the mental abuse from spilling out into another generation. His temper was extremely short and he would yell at the littlest things, as well as call names and then feel huge remorse for what he had said and done.

This man, who had made milestones in science and the advancement of humanity, always felt that he was just mediocre at best and all his accomplishments, were accomplishments that as he said, "anyone could have done." 


The point being, when you yell and shout and act aggressively to your children and others in your life, you are the bully, you are the person that belittles the one you're aiming your frustrations at. You are the one that is causing a child to feel like they are not good enough, nor will they ever be good enough. You are the one that is crushing self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth. In other words, they feel worthless, second-guess themselves all of the time and don't grow to hate you, but grow to hate themselves. If you were yelled at as a child, I would be willing to bet you identify with these same feelings.

The proof is in my Dad, who lived for 92 years, was a World War II veteran, worked to put the first seatbelts into automobiles, designed the fastest Naval ship to date going 100 knots/hour, helped design the Apollo Rockets to send man to the moon and so much more. This brilliant man that did all of this for mankind, always felt like a failure and so mediocre. Why? Because of the abusive environment, he was raised in.

My point is that the voices in your head and in the heads of your children are planted there from the time of very early childhood. You, as a parent, as a leader, have the power to crush the ones you parent or lead, or energize and empower them.

The violent and unemotional people of the world that lash out and destroy, for the most part had no role models to help them become confident, caring, compassionate adults.

My Dad passed away April 5, 2020. This day is in honor of him and all he wished he could be and never realized that he already was. This day appropriately falls within National Child Abuse Awareness Month.

As you think about this world, the world leaders and all that is going on between humans at all levels, try to imagine just one day when everyone is intentional about the way they speak to each other, the way they react to each other and the smile they extend to each other. Can you imagine?

Now imagine that the result of people relating this way, each and every day, is our next generation. What would this world look like?

I'm excited to bring you the INTERNATIONAL DAY OF CALM. I pray that you are so impacted by the stress-free feeling that you experience in just one day, that you commit to staying calm for all of the days to come. I invite you to get involved, start an IDC event or celebration in your community, become a sponsor or simply contribute by just committing to thinking before you react, not yelling, being compassionate and remaining calm for 24 hours.

Start feeling great about yourself!

I believe in you!

Wishing you days filled with peace, love & laughter,


Celia Kibler, Founder of the International Day of Calm

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