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The Day of Calm Foundation Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to promoting mental wellness and tranquility in a world plagued by stress and violence. Through our 4-fold mission and our 4 primary initiatives, [the International Day of Calm & Summit, Common Grounds, Rescue-a-school and Calm People Projects], we empower individuals, families and communities to prioritize emotional well-being and create a more peaceful future for all.


The mission of the Day of Calm Foundation Inc. is to soothe unresolved anger and rage at the human core, ultimately aiming to bring an end to needless violence against children. We are dedicated to fostering mental wellness, tranquility, and a sense of calm in a world struggling with stress, anxiety, and cruelty.


The Day of Calm Foundation Inc. was founded in response to the epidemic of school shootings, familial, and community dysfunction, abuse, and violence. Inspired by the founder's father, who battled childhood trauma, our organization strives to create lasting change by addressing the root causes of violence and advocating for mental health prioritization and social justice. The International Day of Calm on April 5th serves as a cornerstone event, promoting emotional well-being and healthy communication within families and communities.


The Challenges of Not Staying Calm.

The 22 Benefits of Staying Calm.


The Day of Calm Foundation Inc. is proud to collaborate with sponsors and partners who share our vision of creating a brighter, more peaceful future for all. Through strategic partnerships, we are able to amplify our impact and reach, ensuring that the cycle of emotional abuse ends with us. Together with our partners, we work tirelessly to promote empathy, mindfulness, and intentionally calm communication, fostering safer and more resilient communities.

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Day of Calm
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