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Wed, Apr 05


Virtual Event

Stories to Soothe the Soul

Experience the power of human connection and the magic of storytelling as you explore the lessons that can help you navigate life's challenges. Through these stories, you'll find joy, understanding, and a deeper connection to humanity.

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Stories to Soothe the Soul
Stories to Soothe the Soul

Time & Location

Apr 05, 11:00 AM

Virtual Event

About The Event

Human beings have always told stories. We tell stories to explain where things came from, we tell stories to pass on the values of our community, we tell stories to create community, we tell stories to show the connections between all human beings; to show that we have more that connects us than divides us. 

Without stories, we don’t know who we are, or who we were. We don’t know where we came from. We don’t understand how we function in the world. Today our stories come in the form of movies, television shows plays, they even come in the form of video games. 

But there’s something very special about sitting in front of a live human being, telling you stories. Research shows that brain waves and heart rhythm sync up between the audience and the storyteller, because there’s something special to everyone about the sound of another human voice acknowledging our existence, and there’s something even more special about using your imagination. 

When we have a storyteller and an audience, the audience imagines everything the storyteller is speaking of and then it’s like a form of meditation. Your mind is free from worries and anxieties, your mind is going on a journey with the storyteller to a magical land, to an ancient time to a future time, and the characters in the story are yours. They look the way you want them to look. Through the story we are learning to solve our own problems, and to soothe our own soul, and create our own joy and to touch each other’s hearts. 

In this presentation I will tell several stories and then we’ll explore the lessons that can help us in our everyday journey through life.

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